Toys for kids... that give back.

Petra Toys Cares

Simple Toys for a Huge Impact

If you're looking for a socially-conscious brand that gives back to animals in need, Petra Toys - a company we've founded - definitely needs to be on your list.

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Committed to better the world.

A portion of each purchase from Petra Toys goes directly back to our cause. It couldn't be easier to support our life-saving work!

For more than three decades, parents have turned to Petra Toys' collection to help foster open-minded thinking and learning in their children. When playing with our toys, imagination and creativity runs wild, inspiring children to actively engage as they make sense of the world around them.

The mission behind this company is to make this world a better place; for each toy that is sold, the organization donates a portion of the proceeds to our cause. Like the idea of that too? Simply shop Petra Toys items directly through the brand's website or online at our gift store and bring extra meaning to your next gift-giving occasion. The little ones on your list will love what they receive, while your gift helped rescue animals in need. Time to get shopping!

Our Story

Small Foundation, Big Heart

Companion animals want to love and be loved. Also, they continue to need our help.

Just like you, we love pets.

From day one, our efforts have been completely volunteered, yet our initiative saved the lives of many companion animals.

For nearly two decades, I have dedicated myself to rescuing cats (and dogs) in need.

How it all started? Well, it all started slowly and unexpectedly. When my two daughters rescued a week old kitten from a sewer in front of our house, little did I know that this single rescue project would lead to a life-saving journey!

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Animals are Our Inspiration

“Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion.” - Simon Sinek